The mission of the Diamond Foundation is to create inclusive communities by elevating the standard of living for at-risk individuals through education. The Foundation works to strengthen the institutional capabilities of its community based partners to ensure their long-term sustainability.

Why We Do This Work

The Diamond Foundation supports a range of projects that emphasize education as a vehicle for poverty reduction. We believe in providing exceptional opportunities in scholarship, financial literacy, and wellness. Our field work brings us face-to-face with evidence of marginalization and we understand the negative consequences of remaining silent.

Inclusion Through Education

We believe that when people are better educated, they have better chances to find meaningful employment, and feel more included in their communities. When communities are more inclusive, there is less conflict, less dissent, and less disenfranchisement within that community, which benefits all its residents.

Many of our partners are providing specific educational interventions that are designed to increase the potential for students to improve their lives.

AEGIS Trust: Using education to rebuild lives destroyed by genocide and promote reconciliation in Rwanda.

B.A.S.I.C.S. International: Focusing on education with the goal of ending the cycles of illiteracy, poverty, hunger and child labor in Ghana.

Community Foundation for Nantucket: Envisioning a Nantucket where everyone – equally and inclusively – has support when coping with personal struggles.

Grassroot Soccer: Educating, inspiring and mobilizing youth in developing countries.

Imbuto Foundation: Engaging, empowering and educating post-Genocide Rwandans.

Shikshya Foundation: Facilitating the education of at-risk children in Nepal.

Starehe Girls Centre: Offering secondary education to financially disadvantaged girls from all counties of Kenya.

US-UK Fulbright Commission: Giving exceptional American and British scholars unique education and cross cultural opportunities.

Jennifer Diamond

Jennifer is the president of the Diamond Foundation. She has a B.S. from Michigan State University and an M.A. in Anthropology from Goldsmiths College, University of London. In addition to her role with the Diamond Foundation, Jennifer is a Director on the boards of Gods Love We Deliver, Grassroot Soccer, the Humpty Dumpty Institute and the Colby College Museum of Art. Jennifer is a Founding Circle member of The Nantucket Project and is a Fulbright Commissioner.