Aegis Trust saves lives by breaking cycles of intractable hatred through education, strengthening empathy, critical thinking and individual moral responsibility. This draws from disease prevention approaches, where vaccinations prevent disease and protect people. AEGIS developed this in Rwanda, now integrated across the national curriculum and standard for every Rwandan schoolchild. Other at-risk communities are asking for this too. Aegis’ mission is drawn from understanding the paths that lead to genocide, and the Genocide Memorial in Kigali is an important part of this work.

Envisioning a world without genocide or mass atrocities.

Peace Education

Aegis developed a successful model for peace education in Rwanda and have introduced the inclusion of peace education as a cross-cutting element in Rwanda’s national curriculum, reaching 100% of children enrolled in school.

Documenting the Past

Aegis gathers, preserves and provides access to survivor testimony and documentary evidence of genocide to support learning and reconciliation in Rwanda and beyond.

Change-Makers for Peace

The Kigali Genocide Memorial serves as a beacon of humanity and hope, inspiring people of influence in other countries to be change-makers, saving lives and creating foundations of economic sustainability.

Reaching Leaders

Aegis hosts major public figures at the Kigali Genocide Memorial each week – giving them a unique chance to remember and reflect on policy implications of mass atrocities.

Rebuilding Lives

Survivors’ stories are central to Aegis’s work, but some remain in serious need. Aegis helps some of the worst-affected to put their lives back on track – whatever that might take.

Social Enterprise

Aegis’s social enterprises not only help to make its work sustainable; in Rwanda they provide work and training opportunities for disadvantaged genocide survivors.